Design a Stunning Weekend of Dreams

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

When it comes to dreams, the Water Babies has everything you need to create beautiful moments that you and, perhaps, your guests will never forget. Check out our companions and know that we can cater events of all kinds, design and host events and transport you and your guests or clients anywhere in Ghana.

Choose from Several Stunning women.

Your Water Babies Event comes with a number of beautiful female companions and destination possibilities . In consultation with our management team, choose the scenario and setting that’s right for you. For example, a weekend get-away to Ada, Anomabo or Takoradi. Popular for helping clients discover more in themselves than they had imagined: released and relaxed. Or, choose a classic single evening of companionship that lets you wine and dine, party hardy, or and peel your stress and inhibitions away one by one.

Every companion is educated to the behave in a socially appropriate manner in every context. clients can easily share intimacies in absolute confidence. Discretion, trust and the complete protection of privacy are uppermost in our selection of companions and the management of data concerning both companions an clients

Hashtag Love of Live and Living for the Moment.

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