There are thousands of escorts and companion agencies in the world, of many different styles. You, however, are not an ordinary man, so why settle for ordinary company? You can find an 'available woman' anywhere. A true courtesan, however, is less common.


“A courtesan is one who can separate herself from the struggle for survival to become an oasis of peace, passion, and sensuality. This very special woman is one with whom you can be yourself, and find yourself.”


A courtesan has ‘class’ she is born with it. Most African women have it in their blood. Forgotten princesses and queens from long-forgotten kingdoms of the unrecorded past. She may be rich. She is usually poor. She may or may not be accustomed to a certain amount of comfort, a civilized way of living. Yet she is far from a gold digger. It is all about respect.


She respects herself and her clients too much for that kind of behavior. She is intelligent enough and competent enough to make her own way when she can. However, she simply loves to accompany well-behaved men for their knowledge, grace, and power. She finds sound, self-possessed and intelligent men exciting. In return, she offers her beauty and intellect, to create a wonderful escape from the every-day world.


“A meeting with a Courtesan or a VIP is revitalizing on every level.”


With her developed sense of compassion and her mature-minded approach to life, she is the woman gentlemen turn to for support, discussion, connection, and relaxation. She is not a silly little girl, nor a mindless prostitute. This very special woman is one with whom you can be yourself, and find yourself. No judgment, no expectations, no stress.