Ginger Caramel

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The Rise of the Female - Another Kind of Creature: The 'Celebrity Escort.'

Convention has it that women are the gentler sex. Adorable, despicable, attentive, indifferent, affectionate and cold as ice, Ginger is a dormant volcano. Thoughtful in her instinctive thoughtless, she is an African Tigress that might scold you like a child, or might rip your pulsing heart out and swallow it before your very eyes, before your vision dims, before you fall into final darkest… Very in/tolerant, open-minded, self-opinionated, she thrives upon contradiction and new, exciting games. A phenomenon. Has always to be centre stage: a pure Alpha Female.


A diamond - brilliant and hard - Ginger has many facets. She is more likely than men to be controlling and, if you want to go there, aggressive. She can be as gentle as a kitten, but the hungry tigress lurks always in control in the background. We learn from psychologists that increasing numbers of women can now be classed as 'intimate terrorists', meaning that they are verbally and physically violent towards a partner. Ginger is as sweet as honey to those who treat her as a Lady. If, however, you want to go to a darker place, Ginger will happily oblige.


You may trust Ginger Caramel to have a well-considered response to any need you may have no matter how out of the ordinary it may be. At times, she can be rather submissive and devoted; Ginger never tires in providing satisfaction to her partner. So much so that she rarely allows full satisfaction to herself. She has always to be in control. After all, any could happen and usually does! Like it or jump it!

Under her seemingly calm lies a true Tigress. Will you be able to quench her thirst? Ha, Ha. Ha! We doubt it, but you can go down trying.

You should be aware that I am extremely selective of my clients. I meet Ghanaian men who are excessively vulgar or impolite. I insist that I am respected as I respect myself.  If you genuinely like the company of a beautiful, attentive and truly sexy woman. If you motivated to see me write or phone me and lets make a date.

When you have agreed to respect these requirements, read on to know more below about the woman who writes here.


My Services:
Intelligent conversation, Massage, caresses, Little kisses all over the body, kissing on the mouth, French Kissing and tonging, Protected sex in all positions, receiving and giving oral sex, fingering the vagina a distinct possibility (!), protected and unprotected oral sex to completion in the mouth (Spit), absolutely NO anal sex, prostate massage and strap on, vibrator play etc. by negotiation. Depending upon your fantasy, you may have to supply your own toys. Please note: I am bi-esexual and love MFF threesomes. Unaccompanied women are also most welcome!

Ginger Caramel +233 24 493 0654

A true Courtesan!

My Gift:

These fees ane non-negotiable.

These prices include transportation.

They do NIOT include exrtra services.

1/2 Hour (Quickie): 65 USD/350 GHC. 


1 hour: 100 USD/550 ghc


2 hours: 140 USD/700 ghc


3 hours: 180 USD/900 ghc

4 hours: 220 USD/1200 ghc


6 hours: 300 USD/1600 ghc

12 hours: 450 USD/2350 ghc


24 hours: 600 USD/3150ghc

Ginger Caramel

+233 54 575 9008