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I ‘m Electra. 


Play. Let's play 'Lektra-play.' Let's play word play.  Let's start with a list of words about me. My own words and those said by others. I'm a body that I am proud of, sinuous, sensuous and Size 14.  I am no body's fool: sharp, witty, funny and intelligent.  That is why I'm on the site for intelligent sex. I am very definitely a person with whom you will want to play, for playful, imaginative and adventurous I most certainly am. Like my namesake, I climb and wrap myself around you, but it takes more than money. There's more...


I am a perfectionist, a serious woman with a professional life, a mother, a woman committed to her family. My well-organised, focused, more serious side is - I am told - a part of my attraction. Everything I undertake to do I do well. And so you have to live up to my standards. You must take me seriously. If you do, believe me your efforts will be repaid with interest.  Our play intensifies in proportion with the respect and the attention given to me. 


In life and with Elektra, what goes around comes around. I am a powerful and resourceful woman. If you fail to please you may be ever so gently punished. Now you wouldn't want that would you? Or perhaps you might like a little discipline? That can be arranged.


Come play with me. Let's twist and break some rules together.

You should be aware that I am extremely selective of my clients. I meet Ghanaian men who are excessively vulgar or impolite. I insist that I am respected as I respect myself.  If you genuinely like the company of a beautiful, attentive and truly sexy woman. If you motivated to see me write or phone me and lets make a date.

When you have agreed to respect these requirements, read on to know more below about the woman who writes here.

Vous devez savoir que je suis extrêmement sélectif pour mes clients. Je rencontre des hommes ghanéens qui sont excessivement vulgaires ou méchants. J'insiste pour que je sois respecté alors que je me respecte. Si vous aimez sincèrement la compagnie d'une femme belle, attentionnée et vraiment sexy. Si vous avez motivé à me voir écrire ou me téléphoner et laisser un rendez-vous.

Lorsque vous avez accepté de respecter ces exigences, lisez la suite ci-dessous pour connaître la femme qui écrit ici.

My Services:
Intelligent conversation, Massage, caresses, Little kisses all over the body, kissing on the mouth, French Kissing and tonging, Protected sex in all positions, receiving and giving oral sex, fingering the vagina a distinct possibility (!), protected and unprotected oral sex to completion in the mouth (Spit), absolutely NO anal sex, prostate massage and strap on, vibrator play etc. by negotiation. Depending upon your fantasy, Apart from by portable 'boy friend' the vibrator, you may have to supply your own toys.

Mes services:


Conversation intelligente, Massage, caresses, Petits baisers sur tout le corps, Embrasser sur la bouche, Embrasser français et fouiner, Sexe protégé dans toutes les positions, recevoir et donner du sexe oral, doigter le vagin une possibilité distincte (!), Protégé et non protégé sexe à l'achèvement dans la bouche (Spit), absolument pas de sexe anal, massage de la prostate et sangle sur, jeu de vibrateur etc. par la négociation. Selon votre fantaisie, vous devrez peut-être fournir vos propres jouets


A true Courtesan!

My Gifts/ Mes Cadeaux ;

Roses for Me/ Mes roses.

These fees ane non-negotiable.

My Gift:

These fees are non-negotiable.

These prices include transportation.

They do NIOT include exrtra services


1/2 Hour: 50 USD/230 GHC. 


1 hour: 100 USD/450 ghc


2 hours: 140 USD/650 ghc


3 hours: 180 USD/850 ghc

4 hours: 220 USD/1000 GHC


6 hours: 300 USD/1500 ghc

12 hours: 450 USD/2150 ghc


24 hours: 600 USD/3000ghc


Over 24 hours:

The Per Day Rate Applies: 500 USD/ 3000 GHC.


Contact the agency:

+233 54 575 9008